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in Sooke or Langford

Kirsten Glidden

236-508-7327 Text or e-mail preferred.

I am currently scheduling

new sessions in Sooke.

Master of Counselling Intern $84 per session

Kirsten has completed her Masters and is now
completing the registration process.

Kirsten is interested in helping people achieve the life they want. Using a client-centered approach, Kirsten provides support to
youth, individuals, couples, and families:

       Working through relationship stressors and life transitions,

       With everyday challenges and choices,

       When dealing with anxiety and depression.

To book an appointment or check Kirsten's availability text 236-508-7327 or e-mail [email protected] - Text or e-mail preferred.

Kirsten is available for in-office, telephone, and video counselling.

Payment: Cash, Cheque, or eTransfer to email [email protected]


Randy Harding

Safe Anger Coaching

I am currently scheduling

new sessions.

Call or text- 250-812-6363

Your rage / frustration can be expressed so all are safe.

For Randy's website go to


Vox Humana Counselling

Lianne Kirby

Text or Call 250-744-9126

Lianne's website


Marilyn Sundeen

Call - 250-642-0047


Kimberly Anderson

Text or call - 250-216-2911

I am currently not scheduling

new sessions.

Please contact one of my colleagues
in Langford or Sooke.


    In Langford at

    In Sooke - Please see the listings on this page for my Sooke Counselling colleagues' contact info.

Kimberly's website

Sooke Counselling is a network of interdependant counsellors.

We all have strong support networks- families, colleagues and friends.

Each of our counsellors will take steps with you when

you are experiencing difficulty , as an individual, couple or family;

personally or professionally.

As a network, we serve clients with a wide variety of concerns-

anxiety, depression, anger, trauma, difficulty in relationships, and

personal and professional development, to name a few.

We work here and most of us live here in our beautiful seaside town .

The beauty is breathtaking!

*A Note about Sooke Counselling's

Organic Growth Strategy

We purposely engage in an organic growth strategy. It involves welcoming new qualified counsellors to this helping network when the timing is right.

We keep the growth at a regulated pace.

Fast tracking is reserved for getting clients an appointment as quickly as possible, with the right counsellor / client match.

Great therapy is highly dependent on a good 

counsellor / client match. 

When you relate well with your counsellor, you are more likely to resolve conflicted emotions.